The say Blondes have for fun, I say only if the color looks great! Blond hair will never go out of style it’s a classic look in hair coloring. By hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

Blonde hair coloring for brunettes great hair color takes time and patience 2017 colorist Martin Rodriguez

Blond hair coloring with Hand Painted balayage technique for a natural look on your hair, No foil for a natural look, No Harsh Lines on blond hair or stripes like you get with foil. Depending on the tones and pigment used in hair color, the true understanding of what hair color is and the way that it works in the law of hair color chemistry it is the MOST important in doing hair color, Martin Rodriguez has the background and knowledge in hair color chemistry as well in using the rounds and flats of the head to give you the best color placement according the desired look!


Ginger blond,ash blonde,strawberry blond,Violet blond hair.blond comes in so many shades from golden blond with cool tones The hair color Blond Bold

 all over blonde is beautiful but it is more up keep and clients must treat the hair accordingly.

Summer blond color and Highlights The best colors are pastels, gold’s, Blue Ash blonds and silver blonds without the brassy tones. Today’s method of coloring has changed Hair colorist around the world, Are doing all types of Applications to make the hair more natural. By selecting small to thick strands Slices in hair that are then lightened at least 2 to 4 shades lighter than the rest of your hair.

Highlights should compliment your skin tones and match your personality.

Highlights should compliment your skin tone and your personality.

If you desire a natural look you should never go more than 2 to 3 shades lighter then the rest of your HAIR COLOR. Natural looking highlights give you a sun-kissed affect and to bring depth and light to your overall color.

For bold  highlights or a rainbow of selected shades in the same family of color can be chosen. However, these should still match the skin tones of the individual.

Pick the right color for your tone.

Your hair color should suit your complexion. Ad gold or sand color tones on pale skin. If you have pink skin, avoid shades of red or Double gold  blonde.

Use ash tones to neutralize any unwanted reds or copper tones.

If your skin is olive, stick with dark or red colors & add richness with Low-lights in chocolate or violet red  tones or brown shades.

Highlights in some cases you may have to ad ash If the color is to red or to brassy .

If you have short hair, avoid to many highlights or opt for full color. Subtle highlights around your face will bring out your features

If you have longer hair Slicing application of different tones will look great .

blond hair color correction

Keep in mind that due to root growth, all-over coloring will need to be touched up every 4 to 6 weeks, while highlights can last a little longer you might just have tone

                                                            Hair color as if you were born with it! By Martin Rodriguez


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Dark base with light amber golden tones this hair color browns out natural

A combination of golden tones with blonde and bronze

Balayage hand painted  hair color

A combination of soft beige blonde and sand hair coloring on long hair

Sombre balayage on Long Hair with bronzing carmel light ends

Soft  blonde sombre balayage hair color

Golden amber blonde

All hair color is done by hair stylist Martin Rodriguez to ensure the quality of work

Long natural hand painting No foil 

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